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So I did a bit of shopping after Christmas.  There were a few gifts to be exchanged, some sales to be taken advantage of, you know the drill.P1010005

So imagine my surprise when I get home from Victoria’s Secret start unwrapping my purchases to pack them for the trip back to Boston when what should come out of the bag?   Yup.  That’s a Chibi needle.  In one of the smaller sizes that you find in the new Orange Chibi (which I didn’t buy until I got back to Boston).  How the heck did a Chibi needle end up in my bag of unmentionables from the mall?

P1010025 In knitting news, no progress has been made on the fingerless mitts/gloves.  One of each is completely finished.  I just started the gusset shaping on the P1010028 mate to the fingerless mitt and haven’t cast on for the mate to the fingerless glove.  Maybe I’ll finish them this weekend, there is plenty of football to watch on Sunday.  Then again maybe I won’t since I am off to New Haven for a friend’s wedding.  If only Java had her driver’s license, longer legs and opposable thumbs, just think of all the extra knitting time I would have!

~ by Kat on January 6, 2006.

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