3 days

Every weekend should be a three day weekend. 

Saturday morning started off gray and rainy.  After a long day at work and a late night laundry session, it was wonderful to wake up* to the sound of rain.  It brings back such great memories.  As a kid, my bedroom window looked out on the slate roof of the garage.  The rhythmic sound of rain falling on a slate roof is wonderful.  When I got older, I spent three summers in the wilds of Maine canoeing.  Waking up to the sound of rain in the trees and on the tent was doubly wonderful.  In addition to the calming sound, it meant we could sleep in, since you can’t break camp and pack wet gear (unless it’s the last day).  Sleeping in past dawn was quite the luxury.

Saturday’s rain was a cleansing rain.  The hills of the Arboretum were beautiful through the waves of rain and clouds.  I tried to capture it with the fancy digital camera with no success.  I sat in my favorite chair, looking out the window towards Hemlock Hill, with gray misty waves moving north.  The windows were wide open, fresh air cleansing the condo.  Ahhh.  I didn’t knit a stitch.

Sunday was a different story.  The thermometer plummeted, the winds howled.  Brrrr, bracing would be an understatement.  Java was a bit freaked out by the howling of the wind (she doesn’t like low, rumbly, noises) so she spent most of the day huddled in her crate.  The windows were closed, and the blankets were in use.  I didn’t knit a stitch.

Monday, I finally knit.  So what did I do all weekend?  I slept and napped and slept and read and surfed the blogs (and commented – the de-lurking continues) and cooked and cleaned and did laundry and watched movies.  I knit a bunch of stitches.  Progress was made on the secret project and books were perused for Stephanie’s Yarn Olympics.  I’m thinking about a textured Rowan sweater using Denim yarn.  I’ve never worked with Denim before, I’ve never knit a Rowan pattern AND I’ve never worked with charts before.  Three ‘Nevers’ in one sweater, am I insane?

On the book front, I finished Lord John and the Private Matter by Diana Galbaldon.  Lord John is not as likable as the Frasers in the Outlander series, and there were a few consistency errors, but the story was enjoyable.  I’ll definitely read this series in the future.  The next book up is Elizabeth George’s Payment in Blood.  I have a thing for British mysteries and Inspector Lynley is one of my favorite characters, but this one is a bit slow to start.

On the movie front, I watched La Cage Aux Folles, Hope & Glory and Anatomy of a Murder.  Yes, it was a slow movie weekend.  Football and soccer games kept interrupting the movie watching schedule.  Anatomy of a Murder was the best of the lot.  I love Jimmy Stewart movies. 

With three days of relaxation behind me, I’m ready for the work week.  I think.  Let’s see how much reading, knitting and movie-watching I get done.

*In clean sheets.  I LOVE clean sheets.  When I hit the lottery, I’m going to sleep on freshly laundered sheets every night. 


~ by Kat on January 17, 2006.

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  1. The sound of rain is really calming, especially when you are all snuggled in bed. Wasn’t the wind something on Sunday night! Glad you had a great weekend.

  2. Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing weekend, even if little knitting got done. There will always be time to knit. Sometimes you just need a long weekend to escape life. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! My lazy day was too warm to snuggle with blankets, but I had two cats who thought I need extra-warm fur-balls on my lap at all times, anyhow! Glad you got to relax and take time for you.

  4. Wasn’t the change in weather unbelievable?
    Sounds like you had the perfect weekend. 🙂

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