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Knittingolympics1 As a younger athlete, I always dreamed of competing in the Olympics.  Finally at fortymblshpmbgh years old, I have my chance.  I won’t be in the swimming pool, or on the track, or on the slopes, instead I’ll be sitting on my cozy couch with a pile o’yarn, a sweater pattern and needles.  Yes, I am entering Stephanie‘s Knitting Olympics

Now to select an event.  In honor of Michelle Kwan and Nancy Kerrigan being voted on to the Olympic team by the committee, and in the spirit of The Perfect Sweater, and because I’m too damn busy to ponder all the possibilities with all the ‘sweater quantity yarn’ in the stash (I’m sticking to my Stashalong damn it!), the Olympic yarn will be decided by committee.

Just like real Olympic athletes, the Olympic yarns have been in the stash training for years.  Each of these yarns is deserving.  They have worked long and hard, perfecting their skills.  Some, like Ice Dancers, have worked hard on their (colorwork) interplay; others, like the distance Speed Skaters and Cross Country Skiers, have focused on developing their endurance; and still others, like Curlers, have been perfecting the subtleties and nuances of their sport.  So which yarn is the most deserving of Olympic participation?

The nominees are (Top to Bottom, Left to Right):


  1. Noro Silk Garden – 10 skeins in color #211 (1000 yards)
  2. Noro Kureyon – 100% Wool 10 skeins in color #130 (1000 yards)
  3. Classic Elite Inca Alpaca – 100% Alpaca in Red (1800 yards)
  4. Tintagel Farms – 50% Mohair 50% Wool in Bronze (1400 yards)
  5. Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair – 70% wool 30% mohair in Forest Green (1400 yards)
  6. Cascade Success – 50% Alpaca 50% Mulberry Silk in Purple (2400 yards)
  7. Classic Elite Inca Alpaca – 100% Alpaca in Maroon (1500 yards)
  8. Plymouth Indecita Alpaca – 100% Peruvian Alpaca in Black (2000 yards)
  9. Elann Den-M-Nit – 100% cotton in Dark Indigo (1800 yards)
  10. Phildar Licorne – 100% cotton in Red (1300 yards)
  11. Rowan Denim – 100% cotton in  color #225/Nashville (2000 yards)
  12. (Not pictured) Lopi Light – 100% Icelandic Wool tons of colors (gazillions of yards)
  13. (Not pictured) Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair – 70% wool 30% mohair in Heathered Purple (1400 yards)

No comments about the amount of ‘sweater quantity yarn’  in the stash.  That’s why I signed up for the Stashalong, damn it!  At this rate I’ll be signed up for some World Cup knitting, and maybe even some French Open, Wimbledon and US Open knitting too!  (She types while watching the Aussie Open on TV.)  Then there is always Super Bowl Knitting for using up those one-off skeins in the stash.  Super Bowl Scarf anyone?

*KKOC – Kat Knitting Olympic Committee


~ by Kat on January 18, 2006.

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  1. ooh, thanks for posting about this — i’m again behind in my blog reading and i would have missed it. i love the olympics!

  2. Gorgeous stash yarns. The Silk Garden – is it color 7? One of the projects I’m considering for the Olympic challenge is the Lady Eleanor (from Scarf Style, the entrelac number) using silk garden color 7! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it in this pic. Before I vote, what are you thinking of making with any of the yarns?
    I’m finishing the Colchique Irlandais with the Classic Elite Inca alpaca and its a dream to knit with. the Kureyon or Silk Garden would be great for one of those multidirectional knitting projects that are so prevalent right now.
    The Rowan denim is probably do-able in the time frame for a sweater….
    so what are your pattern ideas?

  3. Holy stash, Batman. I am envious. I’ve cast my vote, and either way, can’t wait to see how all you brave Olympic knitters do.

  4. Wow. Those are really some beautiful yarns.

  5. Which one is the beautiful almost (but slightly richer) blue?
    I vote for that one!

  6. Holy Moly! Is this the same Kat whose bloglines profile lists her blog as anneelkknits? If it is I have been looking for you for three weeks! I was getting ready to delete you from the list next week. Let me know if you are one and the same(in the mean time I’ll change the address on my blog). Happy knitting.

  7. Hey the Super Bowl Scarf sounds like a fun idea, if only I watched the Super Bowl.

    And don’t feel bad, I have a ton of yarn in sweater quantity, enough for about 30 sweaters, and that’s sadly not even a joke.

  8. I love voting for projects! What a great idea. I hope we all won’t be too busy competing/knitting to keep up with the progress of others — or too busy to blog (horrors!). Will be fun to see everyone at the closing ceremonies.

    ; )

  9. Tour de France seems like another perfect knitting event. 🙂

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