Just Say No

(Can I write that?  Or is Nancy Reagan gonna sue me?)

Have you read about all the fuss

No?!  Sheesh, do you live under a rock, or are you caught up in your Olympic preparations?

If you support the right of crafty folks everywhere to bitch about stitching, to write about bitching and stitching, and to gather together groups of like-minded folk to bitch while stitching, then spend some money here, or here.  Do not spend money here (or on any of their products). 

As I anticipate the installation of my very first zipper in a sweater, I might have viewed their video tutorial.  Not now.  As my urge to learn to sew grows stronger,  I might have purchased their books or taken a class during one of my regular jaunts to NY.  Not now. 

Not ever.

Olympic update!  The committee is currently deadlocked, between the Tintagel and Silk Garden.  So there is going to be a run-off.  Each yarn has been asked to outline their planned routine for the committee. 

If choosen, Tintagel is considering the following for her performance:

  1. Mariah
  2. Bpt
  3. C3
  4. Cinxia
  5. Samus

The Silk Garden is considering one of these:

  1. Tilt
  2. Bettna
  3. Gripsholm
  4. Karlsro
  5. Y-690 from World of Nature Volume #15  (events 2-5 can be viewed on this page)

The eventual Olympic Yarn’s final event is dependent upon the successful completion of intensive swatching training, the degree of difficulty associated with each project, and whether or not they have the yardage to go the distance.

What say you?


~ by Kat on January 20, 2006.

6 Responses to “Just Say No”

  1. Samus! Samus! Samus! 🙂

  2. Oh yes… defintely Samus.

  3. I vote for the silk garden. And I think you should use it to make Dibs on Ribs (free on the Interweave knits website). I’m dying to see that knit up.

  4. I’m torn….I voted for silk garden because I love the way it knits up and I love seeing what other people do with it, but I just tied it up. Now I feel bad for the other yarn and am feeling the cry of “Samus” from the other commenters.

    (back to the viewers box while the contest continues….)

  5. I love Shamus so the Tinagel got my vote 🙂 Just popping through on my weekly Stashalong check–happy knitting!

  6. Hmmm. I just read about this here for the first time tonight.
    Apparently I DO live under a rock. But I think everybody knew that long before this.

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