THERE you are!

Dsc_0001_1 I had a 16 hour day yesterday and at least 6 of those were potential knitting hours.  Damn.  I could have finished the front of this sweater and started on the sleeves.  Instead the knitting-in-progress decided to take a vacation day and lounge around the condo keeping Java and the swift company.  B!tch.  No, not really.  I’m just bitter and jealous that I couldn’t take a vacation day. <sigh> 

Next Friday, damn it.  I am NOT going to work next Friday.  I will not be checking work e-mail next Friday.  Other than my doctor’s appointment, I will do nothing but knit and sleep take Java on a long romp to the park and buy food to cook myself a yummy meal.  Damn it.  (Can you tell I need a vacation?)

Oh well, I did get some reading done (too bad you can’t read during 4 hour conference calls).  I finished Elizabeth George’s Payment in Blood, which I didn’t like as much as others of hers I’ve read.  This one was rather tedious with all the drama about Helen and Lynley.  If I wanted relationship angst I’d watch Lifetime movies instead of reading British mysteries.  On the flight home I started The Passion of Artemisia by Susan Vreeland.  I really like the way this one is going.  I may have found another historical fiction author to read.  When I find an author I like, especially in the historical fiction or mystery genres, I tend to read all of their books.  I’m so glad P.D. James keeps on writing.


~ by Kat on January 27, 2006.

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  1. Oh, your plan for next Friday sounds lovely… I’m jealous!

  2. I tend to like P.D. James, too.

    Your plan for Friday sounds fabulous. Sorry to hear about the lost knitting time. I HATE that.

  3. Don’t go to work next Friday! You REALLY deserve a vacation day.

    Have I missed what you’ll be knitting for the Olympics?

  4. Just passing through on weekly Stashalong patrol–have a great week!

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