I’m home.  My first stop – Doyle’s to pick up a yummy pizza.  After a week away and a 6 hour, traffic filled, drive home, I wanted some instant comfort food.  While waiting for the pie I enjoyed a JP Musty at the bar, a chat with Jerry, and made some progress on the latest fingerless glove.  It’s so good to be home. 

In January 1998 I told my roommate we were having a party.  An Olympic Opening Ceremonies Party.  His reaction, a skeptic, “Huh?”  Trust me, it will be great.  It was.  It was a pseudo potluck, with people bringing a food or beverage item from their favorite team/country. The atlas and globe came in handy while we all did our best Joan/Melissa Rivers imitations and critiqued the team uniforms.  Good times.

So what are you doing on February 10th?  Team Boston is having it’s official Olympic Opening Ceremonies party at Doyle’s Cafe in Jamaica Plain.  Come one, come all!  Let’s show the world the strength and diversity of Team Boston!   


~ by Kat on February 2, 2006.

5 Responses to “Psych!”

  1. Ohh, I wish I could come… unfortunately, I’m flying to FL early the next morning so I need to be home packing.

  2. Sounds fun, but just a little bit too far from Minneapolis…

  3. I’m going to try and go. Kids 1 and 2 have a dance or something to go to that night, I just realized, so who the heck knows if Mom will get to go hang around with the Team.

    Anyway, hi! And I *love* the “blah blah Ginger blah blah” – it’s one of the things dh and I say to each other as a sort of inside joke. Which now I knwo at least one other person will get.

  4. I’ll be there!!

  5. I think I’m going to be there too – I just signed up for the team.

    We’re all nuts, aren’t we?

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