A Conversation with Michelle Kwan and Joey Cheek

JAMAICA PLAIN, MA (February 15, 2005) — It’s been a difficult week for the KKOC.  We’ve consulted with Michelle Kwan and her team of advisers, and have decided that it is in the best interest of the team if Samus and Tintagel withdraw from the Knitting Olympics.  They will continue to train and work together and have every hope for a successful future.  They are looking forward to competing in the World Cup this summer. 

After speaking with Joe Cheek, the KKOC on behalf of Team Dulaan and Team Mongolia has asked Stash to step in at the last minute and complete 16 items for Dulaan before Teammongoliastashthe Olympic Flame is extinguished.  As you can see Stash is not to be messed with. 

Yes, work obligations and health restrictions have reared their ugly heads and severely cut into my knitting time.  On the work front, a couple of new projects came in this week which will keep m very busy for the next couple of weeks.  To complicate things, my allergies are acting up.  No, it’s not hay-fever, it’s systemic.  Looks like my list of foods and substances to be avoided is going to get longer.  The immediate objective is to stay off the antihistamines for a week so I can go in for the skin tests next Friday. 

Yellowsock There has been some train knitting and TV knitting (when I’m not napping on Benadryl).  It’s my first Magic Loop sock!  Doesn’t Java look impressed?  I used the Turkish Cast On tutorial from Misocrafty, made a few increases (up to 52 stitches), knit around a bit, decided to try an after-thought heal from Lucy Neatby’s Cool Socks, Warm Feet, and today at the allergists I finished the first sock. 

Well, almost.  The heel still needs to be worked and I haven’t bound off for the leg yet.  I’ve got three skeins of the Artyarns Supermerino.  The plan is to use one for each sock and the third for both heels and to finish off the tops.  These socks are moving quickly on the size 3s.  I’m not sure about the Magic Loop though, it’s kind of fiddly, but I do like not having to hunt for the ‘missing’ DPN.


~ by Kat on February 15, 2006.

3 Responses to “A Conversation with Michelle Kwan and Joey Cheek”

  1. Looking at your previous post, that is some snow! Magic loop is on my list of things to try, it does seem fiddly. I am not a sock knitter (yet!) but your socks look really cute. I can’t believe how fast you knitted them.

  2. The sock looks great!

    Bummer about Samus & Tintagel. 16 Dulaan items?!

  3. Bummer, but I know how you feel. I am starting to get antsy about my Dulaan Projects, too.
    Yes the Jav seems mighty interested in them socks. I am so jealous, I had started magic loop socks too but put them down. I agree totally about the one needle thing, however I am not sure if it’s any faster.
    Work is kicking my butt. “33a” s are buzzing around me like a swarm of bees.
    Heavy sigh.

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