D is for D-oh!

It’s been a chilly and quiet Monday.  Why?  Because of this:


Dsc_0012The boom on this truck snagged some wires and the domino effect pulled down Dsc_0020_1 5 telephone poles!  Thank goodness it was a holiday, as the one of the roadways affected is a fairly busy street.  No one was hurt and there was no property damage.  According to one of the cops I was chatting with, the driver of the truck was near tears.

Dsc_0029 The accident happened before 10, we lost power at 10:30, the cavalry, and replacement poles, arrived around 4, and power came back on around 8.  I’m still waiting for the heat to make a dent in the room temperature.  Brrrrr.


~ by Kat on February 20, 2006.

4 Responses to “D is for D-oh!”

  1. Brrr indeed! Were your fingers too cold to knit?!

  2. At least it was during the day…imagine waking up to frost on your windows!

  3. Glad to get the scoop (I knew that you would have it). I saw that truck last night in the dark and I *thought* that it looked snagged in the wires but I thought “nah!”. We lost power twice (briefly) as a result.

  4. Civ2 – oh yeah, that was an EVIL game…

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