A long time ago (January) in a land far, far away (New Jersey), I managed to open the first package my SP sent me.  Look at the lovely green wrapping and Bbeautiful dragon fly card.  So simple and calming and beautiful.  Then I unwrapped it.  A scarf, just for me!  It came in handy too as I had left mine in Boston.  This article got a New York city work out.  Making the rounds of the trade show I was at and a few trendy restaurants and bars as well.


A shorter time ago (February) in a land much closer (Jamaica Plain), I received 2the second package my SP sent me.  Look at the lovely red box/container and everything that was inside!  Mmmm, choc3olate and shortbread and some tea and some beautiful wood knitting needles and notions and yarn.  I can’t forget the yarn.

I am not worthy.  Especially since I have been so delinquent in generating a proper thank you note.  Thank you so much Purl for your generosity and kindness and understanding.  After consulting with Emily Post, and maybe Franklin, a proper belayed thank you will be sent.


~ by Kat on March 3, 2006.

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