Happy Spring!

Dsc_0071_1 Java LOVES the outdoor knitting season. 

Do you?


~ by Kat on March 11, 2006.

6 Responses to “Happy Spring!”

  1. good dog!

  2. Aw, Java is so cute!

  3. java what big teeth you have!

    such a happy puppy face!

  4. Hi Java! What a happy doggy face that is. 🙂

    Um, it’s supposed to be maybe 30 on Monday – my fingers would fall off!

  5. I always try to knit outside too early in the season… first baseball game across the street I’m there with my sock, and back inside in 30 mins!

    We did spend a nice time at the Arboretum this morning though. Ahhh, spring, the crocuses are starting to bloom!

  6. Oh what a beau-ti-ful picture of Ms Java !
    Suitable for framing.
    I’ll get over to espn sometime before the deadline. What fun.

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