March Madness

Hoops2006_1 Are you feeling lucky? 
In the mood for some March Madness? 

A private group has been set up over at for the NCAA Men’s Tournament Challenge.  (I’ll set one up for the women’s tournament too.)  You’ll have to set up an account at ESPN, it’s free and painless and they don’t spam you, make your picks and then e-mail me (4mynextproject AT gmail DOT com) or leave a comment, and I’ll send you the group name and password.  The group is open to anyone who is interested in winning some yarn.  Yes, there will be woolly/cottony prizes.  Pictures as soon as the light cooperates. 

No knowledge of college basketball is needed.  In my office pool there have been several instances of folks finishing in the money by picking winners based on the academic reputation of the schools, and which uniforms or mascots they liked better.  Entries lock on Thursday morning.  So read up on those stats and analysis, check out the uniforms and mascots, or just throw some darts at the bracket in the paper.  It’s all good fun. 


~ by Kat on March 12, 2006.

5 Responses to “March Madness”

  1. I’m in — why not 🙂

  2. i think i’m going to play too. i came in first in my office pool last year and i know absolutely nothing about basketball.

  3. I’m in too! I used to do these at the office but I never won. It was fun though!

  4. Thank goodness you’re doing this – I’m no basketball expert, but it looks like my regular “play with friends” pool is not happening this year, and it wouldn’t be spring without March Madness fun!

  5. Send me the info when you get a minute.
    What a great idea !
    I put my office pool on ESON.

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