Round 1 Update

George Mason?

Who’d a thunk it?  Not me, so it’s only fitting that I am DFL in the pool.  There is hope though.  Bookish Wendy (who was hanging out with me on the bottom floor Saturday morning) had Syracuse going all the way.  So even though I lost one of my finalists (Kansas), my other finalist and eventual winner, (hopefully), Villanova is still alive.

Donna has already lost 3 of 8 regional teams.  Kathy is a fellow Seton Hall believer who was once again disappointed.  Jenn has also lost 3 of her 8 regional teams, but her Final Four are still intact.  Johanna was affected by the upsets, but has only lost one of her teams from the regionals so far.  As of Saturday morning Cheryl has only lost Kansas from her regional predictions.  Maryse lost one of her finalists, Iowa, but was leading on points.

Maryse, Johanna and Cheryl are leading the way after Round 1.  Let’s see where everybody is tomorrow night.  Today’s games have been pretty interesting so far.

For the latest standings, check out the official Baskets and Balls of Yarn standings page hereJudy – what happened to your entry? 

On the knitting front, the Dulaan scarf is finished and I’m working on blue afghan squares for  Christine’s brother Jef and Vicki’s brother Michael while watching the games in between naps today.  I’ve also been busy taking photographs and compiling a spreadsheet inventorying The Stash. 

Yup, I’m getting ready for Flash Your Stash on April 1.  So far I’ve only dealt with the yarn that lives in the living room and it’s embarrassing.  I’ve got to get my courage up to deal with the 4 Rubber Maid totes that live in the bedroom.  I have a lot of yarn and not enough knitting time.  Stay tuned for all the gory details on April 1st. Dsc_0083_2

And because I can’t stop taking pictures of the pup, I leave you with this lovely photo.  Apparently Java thinks that taking artsy pictures of yarn is dull, dull, dull.


~ by Kat on March 18, 2006.

4 Responses to “Round 1 Update”

  1. Miserable stupid Syracuse. I’ve picked them to win the tourney every year since 1989 (I grew up close to there.) A few years ago it all paid off. I won $1400 in a pool. Picking them again this year was like penance or something.

    Stupid Orangemen.

    But did you see how Murray State almost got UNC. And Albany?!

  2. And here I thought my picks were conservative – sure-fire winners. If I do finish last, I’m buying myself a consolation prize. Sigh.

  3. the reason i pick teams can be so random. i picked iowa because it’s one of my regional data collection sites (so is unc, uab, and ucla).

    i’m going with villanova this year because they won my last year in college. a bunch of us wanted to pile into cars and drive down for the partying.

  4. My email has been wonky. I never got the password.
    But I made my own group as Boston Legal. You can check that bracket, (there is no password and of course I posted it before the dedline ) But it is probably academic, as being a Jersey Girl I had Seton Hall going at least 2 rounds.
    So I consider my self to be of the pool if not totally in. (Unless, I win of course)

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