Sockapaloooza Marathon

Dsc_0001_2 The Sockapaloooza socks on Monday morning.  Dsc_0008The Sockapaloooza  socks on Monday night.   

Yeah, the toes were too pointy.  Guess what I’m doing tonight, and tomorrow, and the day after that, etc, etc, etc?

Dsc_0006_5 And by the way, where the F is the plumber that I have been waiting for all afternoon?  As you can see, having a Stash comes in handy every now and then.  (Yes, that is yarn holding up the float in my leaky toilet tank.)  It wasn’t a total loss, while chained to the condo this afternoon, all the laundry got done, the furniture got rearranged and the dust bunnies were exterminated.  At least I can knit the Sockapaloooza socks in a clean condo, but I really wish the toilet was fixed.


~ by Kat on April 11, 2006.

4 Responses to “Sockapaloooza Marathon”

  1. Oh how very nice !
    I bet Miss Java enjoyed the company. Did she lick the plumber to death ?
    My sock was way too big. I have to start over. Errgh…

  2. if there were a contest for best use of stash yarn, I’m pick you to win. Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

    (that said, I do hope the the plumber has arrived the the toilet is no longer running…)

  3. Hope the toilet is fixed! Bonus points for novel use of stash yarn in a utilitarian context. 🙂

    Good luck on those Sockapalooza socks!

  4. i got the egg on saturday. thank you so much for the little surprise. the basketball sheep is so cute. did you make him?

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