G is for Gooooal!*

I’m a soccer nut.  I’ve been playing since I was 10.  I’m out there a couple of times a week, playing with men and women who are half my age.  I must love it, especially considering what I put my body through every game.  (face v. astroturf update for you sick people – WARNING:  it is not pretty.  And yes, I made the save on the play.)

Newyorkcosmos77_1 I remember going to Cosmos games at Giants Stadium to see Chinaglia, Beckenbauer and Pele.  That team had the best chant.  Instead of the usual, "Let’s go (clap clap) insert team name (clap clap).  The crowd would slowly, musically and, kind of eerily chant, "Coooooos-moooooos" , with the syllables drawn out. 

After the NASL folded there weren’t too many opportunities for a Jersey girl to watch professional soccer.    Cable was still in it’s infancy, and according to my parents showed ‘blue movies’, I was too young for bars and pubs and had no international friends or relations who could aid me in my addiction.  Instead, I played. When I was a sophomore, we got a HS varsity team.  The next time I was a sophomore, we got a varsity team in college.  (Hey, I’ve still got a year of NCAA eligibility left!)

One of the things I love about Boston is all the soccer opportunities for watching and playing that are available.  For spectating the Breakers games were great to go to, I had season tickets to the Revolution for a few years and still watch them on TV, and Gillette Stadium is a popular venue for international matches.  I attended the Women’s World Cup games at Foxboro a few years ago.  Sitting in Gillette Stadium as the USA team was announced made me all misty.  It was amazing to be there and see how far the sport has come in 20 years.P1010008_2

I still play too.  I play on at least two indoor teams year round, a
three season outdoor women’s
team and several co-ed outdoor teams that
I play with on a regular basis during the summer and fall.  The soccer
world in Boston is very small and over the last few years I’ve
developed a nice network of people to play with.

I’m such a nut, I look forward to waking up early on Saturday mornings and watching the EPL games on FSC.  I’ll be going through withdrawal soon when their season comes to an end.  This summer I’ll have the World Cup to occupy my time. 

Four years ago, I was one of the freaks who got up in the middle of the night to watch the World Cup games from Korea.  I was surprised at how many of us there were.  When John O’Brien scored that first goal against Portugal, you could here the whole neighborhood hooting and hollering in the wee hours.  The US has a tough draw this year, but I am looking forward to June and a month of intense soccer.

*Sorry, no luck finding a free wave file, but you’ve all heard it.


~ by Kat on April 24, 2006.

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  1. i’m not the soccer nut you are. i don’t play anymore (although i did for a bit — only as an adult) and i don’t watch games on saturday. but i’m very excited about the world cup.

  2. Let’s see: Bought tickets for the 1999 Women’s World Cup final 1 year before the actual game. Watching the U.S. win the game on p.k.’s is one of my life’s highlights. Have the satellite package that lets me see almost every MLS game and Tivo at least 2 a week. Go watch the L.A. Galaxy in person every chance we get. Have the 2006 World Cup schedule entered on the computer calendar. And, oh yea, I was up at 2:00 a.m. 4 years ago.

    Do I qualify as a soccer nut? Go U.S.A.!!!

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