CDs I can listen to ad infinitum

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First seen at Kim’s place (she got it from Lolly).  Back to my crazy work project.  Knitting should resume in the near furture.


~ by Kat on April 27, 2006.

6 Responses to “CDs I can listen to ad infinitum”

  1. I concur on Magnolia. Intrigued by some of your other choices. Will have to search iTunes for a listen.

  2. Oh, I love the Magnolia soundtrack…

  3. Oh, no, I forgot the Clash!

  4. Love the music layout – I’m running over to check that out right now. Don’t love Magnolia per se, but do love PTA’s use of Supertramp on the soundtrack. That choice was brill!

  5. Ah, Rum Sodomy and the Lash–one of my top ten albums of all time. I’d switch out Combat Rock in favor of London Calling however…

    Perhaps you should be contributing to the best albums by Boston bands discusstion over at the City Record.

  6. Great CDs there! I love that Jackson Browne album. I listen to it when I’m feeling sad and it’s as comforting as a warm blanket.

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