Plan C

Yes, I’m on Plan C for the Sockapaloooza socks.  It’s a great place to find yourself with 60 hours to the deadline.  Details in a later post, I’ve got to get back to knitting.


~ by Kat on May 1, 2006.

5 Responses to “Plan C”

  1. Oh no! Sending you fast knitting vibes!

  2. Oh, no! Plan C – that sounds… well, kind of like what the A Team would be at. (Do you remember that TV show?) Good luck getting those done. I just (and I mean literally “just”) finished kitchenering the toe on my second sock for SockapalOOOza! Phew.

    Well, I’m just saying “Howdy” and starting to stalk, er… get a feel for my new dye-o-rama swap partner. (You.)

  3. Your sock pal will know if the socks are store bought. Just sayin’ :-P. Knit on! Knit on!

  4. Good luck!

  5. Oh oh. Knit like the wind!!!

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