J is for Java

Java_at_the_beach_2 10 years ago in April, we met at the local pound.  It was love at first sight and a rocky start.  She had issues.  She was terrified of fire hydrants (really!) and other metallic objects of similar size.  She wouldn’t let you put your hands near her neck to put on the leash.  And she refused to go into basements. 

Getting over the fire hydrants was easy.  The hands/neck thing was a bit harder but she eventually learned that hands near her neck, meant that the leash was getting attached and a walk outside.  She still won’t go into a basement.

Her favorite things are ponds/lakes, wrestling trees out of said ponds/lakes, chasing balls and Frisbees, meeting new people and just hanging out on the grass on a nice day (preferably with a bit of shade to rest in).  Her favorite foods are pizza bones, broccoli stalks, and carrots.  She drools when I bring a pizza box home.  Pavlov would be so proud.   She’s such a happy pup. 

More Java Photos here.

Photo taken by a non-knitting friend, Bobbie Bush, an amazingly talented photographer.  Check out her work here and vote for her as Boston’s best Wedding Photographer here.


~ by Kat on May 23, 2006.

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  1. Oh, I absolutely love Java, what a true beauty she is! She must have lived through some tough and bad times before she met you – what a lucky one she is to belong to your family now and being loved and cared for so much!

  2. She’s a total a cutie pie! 🙂

  3. She looks so happy now!

  4. She’s beautiful! I’ve never met a dog that would go into the basement, so I don’t think that’s Java-specific. I think they’re scared of the stairs.

  5. Java is adorable. Our Abner won’t go in our basement, but he’ll go in my in-laws, he’s a strange pup.

    Our next dog we’ve decided will be from a shelter, there are som many animals that need homes.

    I’ve also just started a little charity drive to help the animals in my local humane society, they truly appreciate any little gesture, don’t they.

  6. Yay, Java! She’s really beautiful. Rescues are such amazing creatures – all three of mine (Oscar the pitbull, and the two cats) were all rescues, and I know without a doubt they’d die for me… You can’t beat that feeling.

    Oscar’s a bit smaller than a standard poodle (he’s not even 50 lbs) but I’m sure his head is as high as 6’6″ or so when he’s bouncing. We keep hoping to find an agility club nearby – he’d clean up – but none have surfaced yet.

  7. LUV your puppy-girl! She has such a happy face. I have always found that adopting is much better than going out and buying a “bred” family member. It’s like having a child.

  8. Java is so pretty! I’m with her though… I hate basements. 😉

  9. Java is such a beautiful dog. You are both so lucky. 🙂
    Now, why did I think she was a he?

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