“Oooooh, I’m dying again!”

Anyone else old enough to remember this classic? I remember it as, "Ho-bo-ken? I’mDsc_0011_edited1 dying!", but maybe that’s because I once lived there.  But I digress….

I may not have been posting often, but I have been playing with the Kool-Aid.  Even though there were plenty of acid dyes to be found at Cummington, I’ll stick with the Kool-Aid for now.  The skeins on either side are sock yarn from Bay Colony Farm, the one in the middle is from Knitpicks courtesy of my pal from SP7. 

As you can see, I have yet to master the art of completely dying a skein of yarn on the first try.  The Knitpicks has been over dyed twice,  but I am finally happy with the results.  It’s got some lovely maroons and purples and hints of blues and oranges.  Very cool.  It’s 800 yards of lace weight and the yarn held up surprisingly well to the three dye attempts.  Probably because I am lazy and let the yarn cool for hours and hours before I get around to rinsing it.

The other two will get over-dyed this weekend.  For the skein on the left, I was trying to mimic Scout’s very cool avocado colorway (couldn’t find the picture to link to, but trust me it was gorgeous).  Not so good.  I’ll play some more with the purples and greens and see what I end up with.  I really like the ‘Hunter Camo’ skein on the right.  Orange, Lemonade and a bit of Cherry make a real fluorescent orange.  Add a bit of Berry Blue to that mix to get the army green.  Both skeins are space-dyed, so who knows how the heck they will knit up.

~ by Kat on June 2, 2006.

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  1. The center skein is great!! Hmm, that skein on the right is giving me 70s flashbacks….

  2. Wow, I think you’ve been doing a great dyeing job, these colors are absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see how they look like once they’re knitted up! I especially love the skein on the right, amazing colorway!

  3. OO, I’m DYING again – preceded by Hoboken – oh, yeah, I remember that one. And the yarn looks fabu! Nice to know what combination of koolaid packets you’re using – grape does a good purple if you put in a packet or two of red with it, otherwise it’s kind of a blue-ey, grey-ey kind of purple, which I Do Not Like Nearly So Much.

    Back to my carpentry project – a wrapping board on which to wrap skeins to dye stripes. OH, heck yeah, we are so into this dye-o-rama thing. It’s scary.

  4. I love the oragne and green skein!! [also refered to as the 70’s flashback yarn] 🙂

    Let me know if you ever want to trade hand dyed yarns!

  5. I love that one on the right! I’m terrible at dyeing yarn, It always comes out splotchy. I like dyeing fiber though.

  6. I also like the one on the right – doesn’t it seems like dyeing should be so easy until you actually try it?

    : )

  7. Great job on the dyeing! I can’t wait to see what it looks like knitted up! 🙂

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