A little slice of heaven

Dsc_0063 The World Cup socks have been cast on.  Check out Yarn Monkey’s site for the full list of participants and projects. 

I’m using Trekking #435 (red, white and blue of course).  Needles crossed that I’ll be able to wear them if/when the US makes it to the knock out rounds.

Comments on Germany v. Costa Rica – Wanchope was amazing (so graceful) and the German defense looked a bit porous.  Playing the offside trap so far away from goal is NOT a good idea.  Oh, and Al Michaels knows sh!t about soccer.  That means we’ll get stuck with him doing the USA matches.  Crap.

ETA:  Comments on Ecuador v. Poland – Ecuador was very impressive.  They played gritty D and really went for it on offense.  The Ecuador/Costa Rica game should be a fun one.


~ by Kat on June 9, 2006.

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  1. Happy knitting!

  2. I loved reading through your soccer comments, you sure know a lot about that sport! I was pretty shocked to see how the Germans played, if they continue that way, they won’t get far – their defense was one big hole. Absolutely impressed by Ecuador, they could become one of the big surprises of this World Cup! Looking forward to a lot more great games – have fun watching them!

  3. hey — what network is showing the games?

  4. I don’t know which network you’re using to watch the games, but I could do without the ABC commentators. Heck, *I* could do a better job: “That defense looks like a bunch of YOs in laceweight!”

  5. Still no luck in making soccer ball sheep–I just can’t figure out a way to make a ball that small that even suggests soccer ball. Maybe I’ll have it figured out by the next World Cup.

  6. Completely agree with you on the Poland/Ecuador game. Ecuador played them tough, but of course, if the 2 that went off the woodwork near the end had gone it, it would be a different story.

    And I agree with Colleen. I have yet to hear an American commentator do a decent job announcing soccer. So often they try to sound like they know the game and instead they come off as just dumba.

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