Hah!  The US played like crap.  The Czechs out played them.  They hustled and beat them to 50/50 balls while the US stood and waited for the ball to come to them;  they took shots while the US didn’t (with the exception of Claudio and Eddie), the Czechs attacked the US players while the US backed up.  DaMarcus who?  His touch was awful and his passes to the Czechs were idiotic.  He did hustle back on D but all in all a very unimpressive performance.  Landon who?  Brian who?  Eddie (Pope) who?  On the plus side, Eddie Johnson was brilliant off the bench.

It was embarrassing.  The other embarrassment was the way the Czech players were diving.  And the ref was buying it.  The way the Italians are flopping and diving against Ghana does not bode well for the US on Saturday.  The Italians also played beautiful, attacking soccer so that doesn’t help either.  Their goalie looks a bit suspect, so if we shoot from distance we may have a chance (Claudio – are you reading this?). 

I am not happy, but did make a bit of progress on the team socks.  (Picture when the camera battery recharges.)  Oh, and the baby shower for the SIL this past weekend was a big success.  Now, if I can only finish the baby blanket, and sweater, and overalls that are all on the needles.  I’ve got 4-5 weeks, think I can do it?


~ by Kat on June 12, 2006.

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  1. Ah, your reviews are always so entertaining! I have to say, I expected more from Team USA, they didn’t have much to show against the Czechs – but somehow I sensed there would be more in it for the US-guys, perhaps they just needed a bit of time to adjust? If so, then they’d better let it loose now, because the Italians will be a truly tough one – actually an almost unbeatable one, but who knows?
    Have fun watching the games!

  2. 4-5 weeks? No problem! Go go go go go!

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