I work too much.  How else can I explain the fact that several items were left out of the Dye-O-Rama package I sent to my pal.  I finally got around to clearing the clutter off the coffee table this morning and there they were, all neatly organized and ready to go. 

My apologies Dye-O-Rama pal, I’ll get it out this weekend.


~ by Kat on June 16, 2006.

2 Responses to “D’oh!”

  1. Whoops!! I would so do that…

  2. Don’t think of it as an error, think of it as an opportunity to surprise your pal with not one, but TWO wonderful packages. How cool is that.

    PS – I love your Maude button. Did you know she was a US Marine? Ooh rah!

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