Gimme Your Stuff!

I’ve got a lot of stuff.  Too much stuff.  I can’t throw out the stuff,
but I am willing to swap the stuff.  What’s a girl to do?  Join Gimme Your Stuff that’s what.

What I’ve got (or can get):

  • Music. Tons of CDs and MP3s of all genres, what are you looking for?
  • Yarn, needles and knitting books. Photos and details on the yarn can be found here.  I’ve got a variety of straights and DPNs that are looking for new homes.  Books include Debbie Stoller’s Stitch ‘n Bitch, Mary Thomas’s Book of Knitting Patterns, signed version of Amy Singer’s knit wit, and the Joy of Knitting and Joy of Knitting Companion by Lisa Myers.  All books are in excellent condition
  • Computer Games.  Hoyle Solitaire and Mahjong (like this, but mine is Macintosh and Windows 95/98 compatible); Myst for MacIntosh; Atari arcade hits (for Windows 95/98) includes Asteroids, Centipede, Pong, and Super Breakout; and Grim Fandango for Windows 95.  All game CDs are in their original jewel cases.
  • DVDs.  The Big Lebowski, Creating the Lord of the Rings Symphony (still in the original shrink wrap).
  • Pez dispensers.  Anyone want some Pez dispensers?  I’ve got a few hanging around.
  • Plastic cameras.  I’ve got a Sabre 620 in light
    green (with the instruction manual) and an Official Girl Scout camera
    (620 film).  Last time I used them (4 years ago) they both worked.
  • Food items.  I’m willing to shop for requests.  (Trader Joe’s is close by.)
  • Anything else that you may be interested in from the Boston, MA area.
  • Knitting needle case.  Holds ctraights, circs and DPNs, zippered accessory pocket too.  Blue fabric by Baguettes by BBL (picture coming soon).
  • Rubbermaid-like containers.  Two 54 quart containers with lids.  They’re 24″ long, 14″ wide and 11″ deep.  Great for clothing or yarn storage.  (Yes, I’ve managed to consolidate the stash.)

What I’m looking for: 

  • unique yarn
  • sock or lace patterns
  • Tour de France souveniers/swag  (from France)
  • old, hand tinted postcards of local scenes (where are you from?)
  • new children’s picture books in Spanish or French
  • music (who’s your favorite band? I like all sorts of music
  • Tim-Tams (have got to try them)
  • whattaya got?

P.S.  You don’t need to be registered with Gimme Your Stuff! to swap my stuff.  If I ‘know’ you, feel free to make a swap offer.

Updated: 7/12/2006, 7/16/2006


~ by Kat on June 27, 2006.

8 Responses to “Gimme Your Stuff!”

  1. This is funkily intriguing, but I’m going to sit back and see how it goes for you first!! 🙂

  2. Me, me? One Skein? For a mix CD of tons of folk music? We can discuss what you already have so I don’t repeat anything…

  3. Hello, thanks for stopping by my side.
    I’m sure I’ll find some world cup stuff over here fore you.The next days I’m really busy, so you need to have passions till next week, all rigth? I’ll be back =)
    Ps: We love Butterfinger and Reeses.
    I would be happy if you could find good books.

  4. How about trading the Purl Stitch book for two skeins of handdyed sock yarn? There are about 400 yards per skein?

  5. I’d be interested in the Mary Thomas book of knitting patterns. Unfortunatly I just gave away most of my excess yarn. I still have quite a bit of Cotton Ease, and of course there are always my sheep. I might be able to find something else if you’re not interested in those… e-mail me and we’ll figure something out.

  6. I would be happy to get you some Japanese knitting/crafts books or yarn–is there anything specific you have in mind? They tend to be very well illustrated, so the language barrier isn’t often a problem. If you see any you want on yesasia, or some blog, just let me know the specs and I’ll see if I can get it!
    I love the sage green koigu you have on your yarn list, if you still have it…
    There’s so much from Boston I wish were mailable. I lived there a few years ago and I miss it so much! Too bad coffee and gelato from Cafe Paradisio can’t go through the mail.

  7. oh. oooooohhhhh. Just about everything on your “have and am willing to trade” list is something I’d love to have – especially a few random things I can only find at Trader Joe’s. What can I get you/send you/search out for you? Anything specific on your “wants” list? I sew…do you need anything whipped up? (and I’m going through my yarn stash this weekend to repackit – what sorts of unique yarns are you looking for – which weights?)

  8. omg i would love that sabre 620 if you still have it. i could trade a mix cd, i’ll try to find you some yarn, and whatever else you could think to want from singapore.

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