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Mets_1 It was an odd experience, cheering for both teams last night.  But I learned something.  I learned that the Red Sox have definitely moved ahead of the Mets in regards to my baseball loyalty.  Kind of a sad moment really, I feel like I lost a bit of my childhood. 

Yeah, I was one of those geeky grade-school kids who poured over the sports page every morning while eating my Frosted Flakes.  Devouring all the news about Felix Millan, Rusty Staub, Tom Seaver, Jon Milner, Ed Kranepool and especially Lee Mazzilli (He’s still a hotty!).  I faithfully bought my Topps baseball cards and chewed the cardboard gum.  The bad cards, with the help of some clothes pins, ended up in my bicycle spokes.  The Mets cards were carefully sorted and stored in the shoebox on my bookshelf. 

Redsoxlogo I’m a bit old for baseball cards and cardboard chewing gum.  I don’t have time to pour over the sports page while eating my bowl of Wheatabix in the morning.  But if you live in Boston, the Red Sox stealthily sneak into your life.  You start off paying attention, because a game at Fenway impacts your commute or evening plans.  You end up tuning in to every game because this team has a way of getting under your skin.  You jump at the chance to go to a game at Fenway, because there is nothing like a game at Fenway.

Last night, we ended up sitting next to a couple from Minnesota.  Jim and his wife are retired.  They’ve spent their summer on a long and leisurely road trip and are in town for the Lion’s Club convention.  He couldn’t believe the atmosphere at Fenway.  "Is it like this every game?"  Yup.  He was amazed that we stand and cheer and hoot and holler and sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame and Sweet Caroline with such gusto.  He was amazed that we stay until the end.  He was amazed that I was knitting at the game.  His wife, looked at me, shook her head and mumbled, "I should have brought mine", and proceeded to tell me about knitting at Vikings games.  That was when Jim, looked at both of us, shook his head and mumbled under his breath, "Knitters."


~ by Kat on June 30, 2006.

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  1. Funny, it’s been weird for me all week rooting for both teams. So far my heart is still with the Mets but I didn’t feel as bad about them losing as I thought I would. The Red Sox are contagious…I never thought I’d become a fan. But as a Mets fan, I could really get behind the “Yankees Suck” mentality of the Sox and Boston. 🙂

  2. Oh, I’d forgotten you were at that game! That must have been quite a moment, in person, when Coco made that catch! I bet it was fun.

  3. What you say about the Red Sox working their way into your life reminds me of my experience of the Packers when I was in Wisconsin. I’m not a football fan, but you just can’t help following them if you live there. And it did affect traffic–not because folks leaving the stadium in Green Bay could be felt way down in Madison, but because whenever the Packers were playing the streets all over the state were deserted.

  4. Oh my God. I remember rooting for the Mets when I was youngin’ in Jersey. Tom Seaver, oh yeah. I haven’t thought of him in years.

    But you and the lady knitter from Minnesota ?
    How fabulous is that.

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