OldsouthA different perspective on Downtown Crossing. 

Thanks to Boston1775, I read about the Old South Meeting House Steeple Climb.  This event takes place once a year during Harborfest.  After forwarding the details to a friend (and fellow history buff), the size of the group grew by 3.  When we arrived for the tour on Saturday morning the museum curatorDtx remarked on the number of folks who signed up this year, more than four times what they have had in the past.  (Blogpower!)

The tour takes you to the upper galleries of the Meeting House and up the steeple, which is a separate building, and does not sit on the main roof like most steeples.  I was fascinated by the
clockworks, which operate on nothing more than gravity.  With the exception of a few gear teeth, most of the equipment is original. 

ClockworksThe climb ‘ended’  at the outdoor balcony, The view was pretty spectacular.  I wonder if they’d let me and the sock have lunch up there some time?  Thanks to my two inquisitive companions  (my friend’s sons) the tour guide said Upwe could continue up to the next level and as far as the locked gate.  Well, we never encountered a locked gate, so we went up two levels to the first set of round windows.  After that, it just got smaller and smaller and smaller.   

Another ‘two thumbs up’ tour.  Mark your calendars to remind yourselves to sign up next year.

You can find the Flickr set here.


~ by Kat on July 6, 2006.

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  1. I like the “up” photo! I tried to get some images like that on Friday, and didn’t have the flashpower. Glad you and yours enjoyed the climb!

  2. That last photo is excellent! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey, that looks like fun! Thanks for the heads up, I’ll have to remember it for next year.

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