I knit. Really!



It’s a Mason/Dixon burp cloth using Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton.  I’m using it as a dish cloth (had to test it out).  I haven’t knit a warshcloth yet, but will definitely be making another one of these for the niecelette.  I understand the addiction.

There has been progress on the baby blanket.  Another ball of Saucy is gone and getting ever closer to attaching the fourth.  It’s about 21" square now, and with 1.5 balls of Saucy to go, I’m guessing it will end up being about 28".  I’m still pondering the finishing.  Initially I was thinking about attached i-cord, but now I’m leaning towards sewing on a satin blanket edging.  It’s something to think about while I race along trying to finish these.

The official World Cup socks.  I’ve been cranking away on these, but progress is slow on size 0 needles.  The heels have been turned and I’m working my way slowly up the leg, but there is too much yarn left!  Curse you Trekking for having so much yardage!  Yarn Monkey‘s got some great prizes for the finishers, so I better get back to knittin’.

Anyone want to come over and do my laundry while I knit?


~ by Kat on July 8, 2006.

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  1. Wow, I love your World Cup Socks, they’re going to look great when they’re done – they actually already do! And so do the cloth and the blanket, especially the latter is coming along so fine – I love the colors!

  2. Niecelets deserve many wondrous knitted things, they do! 🙂

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