Extra Time, Extra Innings

OK, so France and Italy battle for 90 minutes, with the score tied they move on to 30 minutes of extra time and then PKs.

The Red Sox and the White Sox battle it out for 9 innings, with the scored tied they move on to  however many additional innings it takes to produce a winner. 

Wouldn’t the networks love the baseball equivalent of PKs?  How about a home run derby if the game is still scoreless after 12 innings?  Each manager names 5 players who are on the field and in the game at the close of regulation.  Each of those players gets an at-bat against the pitcher and the total number of bases scored by that team determines the winner of the game. 

Sound like a plan? 

Then again, I don’t care about Charlie Moore shows or the Boston v. New York Poker Challenge.


~ by Kat on July 9, 2006.

2 Responses to “Extra Time, Extra Innings”

  1. So, did you watch the game at the Plaza?

  2. I was wondering whether the advertisers had to pay more for extra innings–if the game is 1.5 games long, they get a lot more ads. And something’s got to pay for that extra network time. Plus, PartyNet dot com is probably pissed off they missed their big advertising opportunity, so they demand a refund. I mean, I love baseball, but these are the sort of things I think about when the game lasts 19 innings.

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