Trek the World

Dsc_0004_edited1They’re not finished.  Like France, I fell short in the end.  Even with the extra time and the PKs, the World Cup socks still have a ways to go. 

I need another round or two of matches to get these finished.  I love the Trekking yarn, love the fabric I’m getting on the 0’s, and have finally figured out short row heels.  I’m looking forward to finishing these so I can start the next pair. 

They will have to wait though, with the neice a few weeks away from D-Day, I’m going to focus on finishing the baby blanket.


~ by Kat on July 9, 2006.

2 Responses to “Trek the World”

  1. I still think they’re great – the reverse stripes are kind of awesome 🙂

  2. They look great! I bet you could finish them before the Tour de France ends. 🙂

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