No, I ‘ve never been, but I really want to go on Saturday.  Why?  Because Norah Gaughan is going to be there.  Registration is required.  You can sign up here.  Much thanks to Helen for bringing this to my attention.  I have tentative plans with friends that afternoon, here’s hoping that they fall through (or get pushed to Sunday) so I can attend.

Stay tuned for an actual knitting update later today.  Can you stand the suspense?


~ by Kat on July 19, 2006.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder; I nearly forgot about this event. I really really really want to go, but work might get in the way. Argh. I really want to go.

  2. Sounds awesome! I wish I could go, but I have a date with my best friend’s new house and a wallpaper steamer. @whee!

  3. Oh I am sooo jealous!

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