A minor logistical glitch

Logistical glitch.  One of my favorite phrases.  It brings back fond memories of working at camp, when despite our best intentions, something would go wrong. 

I had the best intentions last night.  I got out of work relatively early, went home, took Java for a nice long romp in the park where she had a great time playing with the kids and rolling around in the cool grass.  I got in a round or two on the never-ending Trekking socks.  Back home for dinner and  about 9:30 pm I packed everything up for the trip to the post office* and wrote out my grocery list.  I juggle everything (and the dog) out the door and click the button for the remote starter.  Nuthin.  Click again.  Nuthin.  Unlock the car the old-fashioned way and turn the key – nuthin.  My battery is deader than a doornail.  It was too late to call AAA and then drive around to charge it up, so we’ll save that adventure for another day.  In the meantime, I’ll be mailing everything out in smaller batches that I can easily manage on my bike or the bus.

All in all it was still a productive evening.  The Sox played late so I had company as I cleaned and did other chores (have to leave Saturday AM free for AAA and charging up the battery).  No additional knitting was done as the pain in my right elbow/wrist has gotten worse.  Don’t know what’s causing it, but taking it easy for a few days can’t hurt.  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s probably carpal tunnel related.  I’m trying not to think about it.

I leave you with a picture from our Sunday walk in Forest Hills Cemetery. 


The lone splash of color caught my eye.

*Yes, I said post office.  They just built a new one in JP and my favorite thing about it is that I can mail packages 24/7.  It’s a knit bloggers dream come true!


~ by Kat on July 25, 2006.

3 Responses to “A minor logistical glitch”

  1. oh man i’m so jealous about your post-office.

    beautiful picture. it feels nice and cool.

  2. I knew That !
    ( At first I said to myself.. wha ? Then I remembered. )

  3. I like the header graphic.

    Bummer about the car! I love that picture – it’s so poignant.

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