Pick up Styx

I spent the weekend regressing back to my HS days.   Alas, said regression did not bring back my HS weight or level of fitness, but I did enjoy sleeping late, doing no household chores, going to the beach and rock concerts.

Summers in northern NJ were full of days in the sun (I was a life guard/swim coach) and nights of music and friends.  Sometimes it was ‘shoes and brews in a friend’s backyard with WPLJ on the radio.  Sometimes it was poker around the kitchen table with the Grateful Dead bootleg tapes on the boom box.  And at least several times a summer it was an evening at one of the many fine concert venues in the metro NYC area.  Sometimes my BF and his friends even managed to sneak my under aged self into bars for some local bands.  Good times, good times.

Dsc_0009 This weekend, I finally got to a beach.  Here are the socks and I in Sandwich on Sunday afternoon.  It wasn’t what I had in mind (due to traffic and a bicycle malfunction), but it turned in to a lovely afternoon.  I spread out my towel close to some folks who had the Sox game on the radio, took in the view, enjoyed the breeze and the sound of the waves, ate my yummy veggie wrap, and knit away on the Trekking socks*.

The time at the beach was too short, although Java and I will be back there, and after a quick change it was off to Yarmouthport to meet up with a friend to go the show at the Cape Cod Melody Tent.  Who did we see?  Styx.  (Told you I regressed.)  Back in the fall of 1978 the first concert I ever went to was Styx at Rutgers University.  Didn’t everyone have a crush on Tommy Shaw?  Didn’t you love the Grand Illusion album?  Didn’t you play ‘Come Sail Away’ over and over and over again, until the track had pops and skips in it?  Anyone else remember records?

*I am convinced that the Trekking socks are stuck in some evil sock knitting time warp.  I go around and around and around and they never get any longer and the yarn ball never gets any smaller.


~ by Kat on August 14, 2006.

6 Responses to “Pick up Styx”

  1. I did, I did love Styx! But Renegade was my absolute favorite song, not Come Sail Away.

  2. where in northern jersey did you live? did we ever have this conversation?

    oh god. i can’t remember.

  3. OMG, Kat. Just reading this post is giving me teenage angst. Off to put on “Pretty In Pink” . . .

  4. Styx? Whoa. Hmm. NJ timewarp. Are you SURE you’re not Stephanie Plum?? Ranger? Is that you?

  5. Oh My God.

    Nope, not the Styx thing. But you are lookin’ at a member of the official (gulp) Journey fan club. God help me.

  6. I should say FORMER member! FORMER! as in not any more! not still twenty years later! ack.

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