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As much as I am enjoying the warshcloth and bib knitting, I am anxious for the summer of cotton to end (it’s killing my elbow).  For the record I am no longer enjoying the never ending miter square baby blanket knitting.  I have hit the wall on that project.  Every stitch is mentally painful.  I can and will finish it, but is ugly knitting.  Kind of like those exhausted marathoners you see staggering across the finish line. 

I am longing for wool.  In a decent gauge, so I get a sense of progress after an hour of knitting.  No matter how long I knit around and around and around on the Trekking socks, but I swear they are not getting any longer.  I need wool.  Maybe some nice Artyarns Supermerino socks.  Those work up quick enough.  Or maybe a quick scarf or hat for Dulaan 2007.  Or maybe something completely new and different.  Maybe something from Mostly Merino…

Did you know that Margaret from Mostly Merino is going to be at Circles this weekend?  Well, she is.  So stop by Friday night for the Pot Luck Reception (bring something yummy to share) to welcome her, and come back on Saturday for the yarn showcase.  Margaret is also offering a three hour color workshop on Saturday from 11-2.  I’m not sure of the cost (it includes a color wheel), but do know that space must be reserved in advance, so call the shop to sign up.  Fingers crossed that I don’t have to work and will be able to attend.

Yeah, that’s just what a girl needs after a long, hot, Stashalong summer of cotton knitting – some nice new wool.


~ by Kat on August 17, 2006.

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  1. My elbow is twinging in sympathy!

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