License Plate Update #2

Dcflat The District of Columbia is in da house!  I spotted it on Sunday while driving on 203 past the Arboretum and had to do a bit of fancy driving to confirm.  The slogan? "Taxation without representation".  Nice. 

The South End continues to lead in the diversity categoy, although states that I never thought I’d see (including Minnesota and my favorite state plate), were spotted in Jamaica Plain.

Now you know that there are at least three more states since I posted the original map – DC, Ohio and the state that has my favorite plate.  Quebec is still the only Canadian province, but I’ve seen a few of them (always down by Boston Common, what’s up with that?). 

Keep those guesses coming (send them to 4mynextcontest AT gmail DOT com).  Some lovely Trekking sock yarn can be yours if you guess the correct number of plates.


~ by Kat on August 24, 2006.

2 Responses to “License Plate Update #2”

  1. i’ve seen a couple of ontario plates out on the mass pike this summer.

  2. I saw a Utah plate last night and thought of you!

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