Dear Andre

Dear Andre,

The pepto-bismal pink never-ending-miter-square baby blanket wants to thank you for making last nights match such a long and entertaining one.  Wonderful stuff.  Was it just the camera angle, or did I catch a tear or two before your serve on match point?

An inch of boring knitting was completed in no time.  Due to work obligations (I really do wish they would stop throwing excrement at the fan), I was only able to watch the last few points of the third set and the fourth. And it was fun tennis to watch.  Brought back great memories of Conners’ final run and those epic night matches that Todd Martin used to play.  If you win the next match, I just may knit you that pair of socks (send me your measurements).

By the way, could you have word with James Blake?  I should be home in time to watch his match this evening and the blanket would really appreciate another long match tonight.


P.S.  Your kids are adorable. 

License Plate Update – nothing new spotted since Sunday when I spotted 2 new plates.  With one exception, I’ve seen at least two of all the plates spotted.  The License Plate contest ends on Thursday night so get those guesses in. 


~ by Kat on August 29, 2006.

4 Responses to “Dear Andre”

  1. And now you owe Andre a nice pair o socks!

  2. i really think you should knit andre a pair of socks. he’s probably got a size 10 shoe.

    and you could probably send it in care of his charity in las vegas. they’ve been talking about it enough lately.

    i thought of you yesterday during my commute home. i saw a minnesota plate and a washington state plate on the pike. you can’t count those in your total though.

  3. Oh, now Maryse is taunting you with plates that you can’t use!

  4. I saw an Alaska plate on the Pike last Friday. Alaska!

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