Dear Andre and Marcus

Dear Andre and Marcus,

Wow, what a match the other night.  If only I could have seen it.  Thanks to work (it hasn’t changed much Liz) I was listening in on the internet radio coverage on the US Open website.  Not as good as the BBC’s Wimbledon internet radio, but better then nothing.  I was getting frustrated with the fact that it would cut out for a few minutes every half hour or so and tell me to tune in tomorrow for continuing coverage, but eventually it would come back on. 

So anyway, Andre, good luck in the next round and the sock offer still stands.  What’s your favorite color?  Would you like wool or cotton?  Simple stst or something with a bit of texture? (Shhh, if I keep this up, he may keep winning.  I’m superstitious like that.)

Marcus, I was rooting for you at Wimbledon and you played a helluva match on Thursday.  I can’t believe you survived those thigh cramps!  Ouch! The scene the radio guys described was awful.  Maybe Chris will create some thigh warmers for you out of Orlon.  She just got a nifty knitting machine at the thrift store that might be able to crank out a few in no time.  How big are your thighs?

Well time for me to get out of here for vacation (Hah!  I’m bringing more work homework with me than knitting).  I’m off to NJ to visit the fambly and then to the Vineyard next week for a bit of biking and relaxation.  I’ll try to keep writing, but am hoping to wean myself from daily computer usage so I can relax a bit.  I know me, if I log on, I’ll feel compelled to check the work e-mail and then what kind of vacation would it be?

Take care,


~ by Kat on September 2, 2006.

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  1. Enjoy your vacation. I found mine, without the computer, to be quite refreshing!

  2. Wait a minute, why are you involving me here?!????????


    Have a good vacation – but sheesh, more work homework than knitting?! Um, SO wrong.

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