Knittin’ Season

Knittingpirate_1Yo-ho-ho, ahoy me hearties!

I larnt t’ knit freshman year o’ college. Most was done while watchin’ Dynasty and Dallas episodes (talk about fine crews of  wenches and mates), eatin’ popcorn and pizza, and drinkin’ grog in t’ hall while playin’ Whist.

A whole bunch o’ knittin’ was done while watchin’ football games.   Knittin’ was a cold weather activity, somethin’ to do with my fellow sea dogs while sailing the Furious 40’s. Productivity  would plummet after the Ahoy-er Bowl in January and stopped all together after t’ season finales o’ our evenin’ soap operas. Until 5 years ago, knittin’ was not a summer activity.

Even though it was close t’ 80 degrees on Sunday, I managed t’ actually sit down and watch part o’ t’ Giants game.  Luckily, I espied t’ good part. It’s always nice t’ make those Philly bilge rats, I mean Eagles, walk the plank.  It got me thinkin’ about knittin’ season again.  The cooler weather is comin’, the leaves are a’changin’, the days are getting shorter.  Me aim for the upcomin’ knittin’ season – to complete a wooly garment for meself.  What’s yours?

This post brought to you courtesy of the letter aRRR!  No, I never did start a pair of Arrrrg-yle socks.  A pirate wench can dream can’t she?


~ by Kat on September 19, 2006.

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  1. *blink blink* Heh, I think I caught about half of that.

  2. Great post, except for the Philly bilge rats bit 😉

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