“Acchh, You’re Killing Me!”

Back in college, a good friend would say "Acchh, you’re killing me!" all the time.  After a few nights out at the local dives in Worcester the rest of the gang adopted it as a catch phrase.  (Sabio – where are you now?)  Good times, good times.

But I digress, after all my angst about getting Kate’s address so I could send the socks off to Norway and my trip to the 24 hour post office in Boston to send them off, I came home tonight to discover I’m dead. 

Yup, Karen’s socks from Oregon were sitting in my mailbox.  Karen is blogless but her daughter is not.  Her daughter has a podcast too. I’m wearing the socks right now.  They fit and are warm and comfy.  The perfect thing to put on after riding home in my bike sandals in 60 degree weather.

Thank you Karen.  Thank you Yarn Monkey for coming up with the idea and all the organization. (Kate – I’ll send you the new address)

Peace out.


~ by Kat on September 28, 2006.

3 Responses to ““Acchh, You’re Killing Me!””

  1. Dead, but you have warm socks. Hmm. So, what happens to the socks you knit??

  2. dude, you were at a total disadvantage having to send those socks out to norway. i think you should be resurrected

  3. Hi, Kat! Those socks look great on you! I was lucky to get such a nice … er, victim. Makes me feel (almost) guilty.

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