Sock Wars

Dsc_0008_1 My first pair of International Socks of Doom for Sock Wars are done!  Here’s hoping my target will send me her snail mail address so I can mail these off to Norway.  Due to weather related issues, Yarn Monkey had a problem getting all the dossiers out via e-mail.  I guess there are still problems since I am one of many who have not received a dossier. 

Until I get my target’s address I’m a sitting duck.  She could win the whole thing by never responding to my e-mail.  The finished Socks of Doom will be sent to assassins all around the globe while they try to get her snail mail address.  Argh, so frustrating.  No, I’m not suggesting that she is a Sock Guerrilla instead of a Sock Warrior, just playing out scenarios in my head while I sit here frantically checking my gmail account.

Pattern: International Sock of Doom
Yarn:  Plymouth Indiecita Alpaca 100% Alpaca
These are soft and comfy, perfect cold weather bed socks.  All the other stash yarn at this gauge was too scratchy for socks.

Edited to Add:  Kate is not a Sock Guerrilla, she is an honorable Sock Warrior.  My fate is now in the hands of the US and Norwegian postal services.  Or it will be as soon as I fill out the Customs form.  Kate is still working on her socks, will mine get to her before she finishes?  Will I get ‘killed’ by Karen before my socks arrive in Norway?  Oh well, it’s back to the Trekking socks for me.


~ by Kat on September 28, 2006.

5 Responses to “Sock Wars”

  1. Wow ! Alpaca socks for bed, What could be nicer !

  2. How funny! My Socks of Doom are also black.

    Mine, sadly, are not yet finished.

  3. That doesn’t seem very fair!

  4. The intricacies of this Sock War business make my head spin.

  5. Well, I’ looking forward to receive the socks, I had fun with knitting mine.

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