Eye Candy Friday


Three faucets. 

Like the picture window photo a few weeks ago, this was taken outside an old train station somewhere in Littleton or Acton, MA.  There was no stylist, no objects were touched or rearranged.  On the drive back from a soccer tournament at Fort Devens, I was happily wandering the back roads and not paying attention to where I was going.  I came upon an old train station with all sorts of cool stuff around it.  There was also a great beer store across the street.  I should have paid attention, I’d love to find that place again.

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~ by Kat on October 6, 2006.

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  1. cool…

  2. Nice.

  3. that would be in Littleton, the old depot along the Fitchburg Train, Taylor Road, near Veryfine company, near Route 110, if you need to find it again.

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