Rhinebeck, Schminebeck*

Who’s going on the Fiber Twist?  All the cool knitters will be there.  Well, <shuffles feet> I’ll be there.  Need some inspiration?  Check out my photos from last year’s event.

Last year it was lovely to be driving around enjoying the scenery (and singing along to the iPod), and of course the fibery goodness.  I can’t wait to get back to Tregelly’s (the view, the critters, the fiber!) and I definitely will be trying to get to some of the farms I missed last year:  North East Alpacas (Alpacas!); Winterberry Farm; and Becky’s Vav Stuga (I’ve always been intrigued by weaving). 

Since Botanical Shades is at Tregelly’s, and Bedfellows Blankets is on the way to Tregelly’s, that leaves a scenic trip up to Keldaby in Colrain (the goats are too cute) to complete the loop. 

Can I get to all the sites AND the Marketplace this year?  Hmmm, what time do I feel like waking up in the morning?  I could have seen more last year, but I took a side trip to Charlemont and Zoar to visit some old haunts from my kayaking days.  Good memories, even though I was dating an odd guy at the time.

I’ll be heading out early Saturday morning and will start the adventure at the Marketplace.  Hope to see you there.  I’ll be the one with the Nikon camera taking photos and trying not to spend money on yarn, or maybe a spindle (patterns are OK).  Did I just say spindle?  Freaky.  Sheesh, I need to knit through the stash before I start another fiber hobby.  If I don’t step up the knitting rate, I’ll be the crazy old yarn lady (instead of the crazy old cat lady).

*OK, I’m just a bit jealous about not being there.  I don’t need any fiber, but it would be fun to ogle and meet folks in real life.


~ by Kat on October 21, 2006.

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  1. I’m trying to finagle a trip out there next weekend. Stay tuned…

  2. You mention heading out on Sunday morning, but the site says Saturday. ??

  3. Did we pass each other on Saturday?

  4. Heh, I’m aiming for crazy old cat AND yarn lady…

  5. Sorry I won’t make it back to the FiberTwist this year. I have to work at WEBS that day. Maybe next year.

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