Ann and Kay started something, and I’ve finished a few of them.  I haven’t been blogging lately, but I have been knitting,  Three dishcloths to be exact.

Disha_1 Here’s a better picture of the first, the random checkerboard dishcloth.  It’s a k6, p6 repeat with a random number generator determining the number of rows.  This one is in the gwfgwf* pile.Dish1_1

Next up we have my first feather and fan attempt.  Not bad.  I did make a mistake in the row count, so there’s an extra garter stitch combo near the beginning.  But, hey, it’s a dishcloth, I ain’t fixin’ it.  This one is also in the gwfgwf pile.  (When paired with some scented soap, the non-knitters will never notice the mistake.)Dsc_0033_1

And finally, the third dishcloth represents my first foray into the wonderful world of Barbara Walker.   I used the Coral Knot stitch from the first treasury.  This one is not in the gwfgwf pile because, as Ms. Walker says, large pieces of Coral Knot create a fabric that is biased. Instead this will see good service in my own kitchen.

And for those wondering how much knitting can be accomplished during a 4 3hours hour community meeting, I present the finished Coral Knot dishcloth and the start of some gwfgwf socks.  For the socks I’m using some French Hill Twist that I picked up at Cummington last spring.   Fun colors, although I’m not to happy about the pink pooling.  When finished, these will also be in the gwfgwf pile. 

So it’s back to the socks and winding yarn for other projects.  I still need a winter hat, and there is some Dulaan knitting to be done, in addition to all the gwfgwf projects.

So, how was Rhinebeck?

*gwfgwf – generic winter festive gathering with food


~ by Kat on October 22, 2006.

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  1. Wow, you’re already working on gwfgwf projects? Where’s the stress in that?? 😉

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