T is for Tucket

Growing up, we always had black standard poodles.

The first was Cherie.  She arrived shortly after we moved to New Jersey, when I was in kindergarten or first grade.  She passed away when I was away at college. 

A year or two later we got Zephyr. My brother really bonded with that dog, since they went through HS together.  Zeph passed away in the early 90’s.

The current handful poodle is Tucket (that’s him above).  Despite his papers, Tuck is not a pure bred.  Somehow the breeder managed to sneak a Tigger into the line.  He’s got a vertical leap that any basketball player would be proud of.

Despite growing up with dogs I didn’t learn a lot about training until I adopted Java.  After our 5 minutes of fame with Uncle Matty, I met a trainer/behaviorist through the morning group at the park.  Israel taught us clicker training.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the results were amazing!  Among other things, I’ve learned what a horrible job we did with Cherie, Zephyr and Tucket.  It makes me sad, because they all deserve better.

Despite their foofy haircuts, poodles are scary smart dogs.  An old dog may be able to learn new tricks, but my parents can’t.  Tucket has my parents trained really well. 


~ by Kat on October 26, 2006.

4 Responses to “T is for Tucket”

  1. Hi Tucket! Too funny – I just posted my T entry, too…

  2. Tucket is adorable, despite his questionable lineage. We currently have a half standard poodle/half tibetan terrier and I’ve never met a smarter dog in my life. I think it’s the poodle side. Scary smart is the perfect description.

  3. Poodles are great dogs. Might have one as my next dog.

  4. aww what a cutie.

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