Dsc_0014At last, the Trekking socks are done. 

Yarn:  Trekking XXL (lost the ball band)
Needles:  Size 0 Addis – magic loop method
Pattern:  My own make it up (and try on) as you go, toe up recipe.

I wove in the ends last night while watching Boston Legal (my current TV addiction).  For kicks and giggles I measured my gauge last night – 11 spi.  11.  Stitches. Per. Inch.  No wonder these took forever.  I’ll try the size 1s for my next pair of Trekking socks.


~ by Kat on November 1, 2006.

4 Responses to “Finally”

  1. Phew! Those are some tight socks! Toasty toes I’m sure… sorry the Mets couldn’t have come through for you, but the socks, they are great!

  2. Fabulous socks! I really love the very graphic stripiness of them. At least at that tight gauge they will also last you forever and wear like iron!

  3. Wow. Those must be practically bulletproof… or at least toe-nail proof.

  4. Wow – those will wear FOREVER! They turned out really cool.

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