WIP-it Wednesday

Well, the first WIP-it Wednesday was a bust.  Another long day/night at work kept me from knitting a single stitch.  Still, I did manage to finish the Trekking socks.  One down, five to go.

I am sitting here staring at Opptuna.  Hmmm, send a work e-mail that buys me a bunch of time in the morning rather than arriving to a whole lot of ‘what’s the status questions’, or try to figure out how to crochet after being awake for 19 hours. 

I think I’ll send that work e-mail.  But first, a Chuckle.  The last two images made me laugh out loud.  I really should save my Dooce reading until the wee hours of the morning.  It’s much more enjoyable when I’m punchy and easily amused.


~ by Kat on November 2, 2006.

2 Responses to “WIP-it Wednesday”

  1. my god. i love chuck. that dog has the patience of a saint.

  2. I hate the “what’s the status” question. HATE.

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