My civic duty

Jd After voting yesterday, it continued today with jury duty.  That’s the Gossamer shawl saying farewell to the courthouse for another three years.  Here’s hoping that the Gossamer shawl doesn’t come with me the next time I get called.

Ever since I moved to Boston, the Commonwealth calls me every three years.  So I dutifully get up at the crack of dawn and get myself down to the courthouse.  The introductory speeches by the court officer and the judge were actually entertaining.  The movie about the trial process starring the Honorable Margaret Marshall was not.  But I digress.

I was assigned to the new courthouse.  The good: the room was not drafty (I am always cold), I finally finished The Snake, The Crocodile and The Dog and made a good dent in The Lighthouse.  The bad: there is no TV for background noise so the woman who sat 4 rows behind me loudly chewing/snapping her gum almost drove me insane, dropped stitches on the Gossamer shawl (they too almost drove me insane).  The ugly:  I got soaked to the skin waiting for the bus-that-would-never-come on my way home.

But nothing prepared me for this.  Woo hoo!!  As one of the folks on my anonymous legal board wrote the other day (and I’m paraphrasing), "all the quarantined news will come out of Iraq and we’ll know just how bad it is."

BTW, anyone who followed the Massachusetts governors race will find this amusing.  Thanks to Universal Hub for the link.

It’s WIP-it Wednesday, what are you working on?


~ by Kat on November 8, 2006.

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  1. wow, i’ve missed a lot. congratulations on being such a pretty little girl’s godmother.

  2. What’s WIP-it Wednesday?

    I did actually work on a WIP tonight. some socks that needed ends woven in.

  3. Oh, I might’ve snapped and jabbed the gum chewer with a needle…

  4. Gotta love Amelia Peabody . . . she wouldn’t have taken any nonsense from that gum chewer! (Did you bring your parasol with you??)

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