Eye Candy Friday

GlowingtreesGlowing Trees
Somewhere near Telluride, CO

I took this photo on a trip to Telluride many years ago. 
I printed this photo in a friend’s darkroom a few years after I got back.
I scanned it in a few months ago.

I love this photo.  It reminds me of a wonderful week, spent with a wonderful guy.  You know, the soul mate that you know will never work out.  He was running away, but didn’t know what he was running from, or, more importantly, where he was running to.

I wonder where he is now.


~ by Kat on November 24, 2006.

2 Responses to “Eye Candy Friday”

  1. I have one of those too. I DO know where he is, and we are still friends. He’s in VA, and I am in Ca, but I would have to say that after all this time, I still consider him my best friend!

  2. I love that picture… and I have one of those in my past, too…

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