Boston Legal

Anyone else love it?  I’ve missed my Tuesday night addiction these past few weeks, but am glad that the show’s weeks off corresponded with my own insane schedule.  The writing is just brilliant.  Anyone else pick up on the similarities between Renee and Alan Shore last night?  Brilliant.  And the whole Lincoln story line ("Mr. Dirty Mouth")?  Love it.  All the tying of threads last night?  Awesome.  Every Wednesday morning a co-worker and I compare notes. 

Anyway, thanks to a crazy day at work and the trivia Tournament of Champions* (we did not do well), another day goes by with no knitting to show for it.  Maybe tomorrow.  On the plus side, I did reconnect with a friend today.  Yes, he’s a knitter, and told me that Alistair is teaching one of his double-knitting classes (scroll down) at Newbury Yarns this weekend.  Wish I could go.  I’ve heard nothing but excellent things about his classes.  Alas, I’ll probably be working this weekend, if not, I’ll be working on gwfgwf gifts. 

As usual I keep adding to my list.  I’m such an optimist when it comes to how much knitting I can accomplish in the month of December.  I need to start and finish at least two projects.  A scarf for my secretary and a sweater for my nephew.  Wish me luck.

For now it’s back to the grind… (yes, I have to log in to the office now).

* How many trivia questions can you answer?  No googling or other lifelines!
1.  What sport’s Hall of Fame is in St. Augustine, FL?
2.  Name the 4 Best Picture Oscar winners with numbers in their title.
3.  Name the 4 NFC teams who have beaten Tom Brady.
4.  In what city was Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure set?
5.  Who are the only brothers to be nominated for Academy Awards for acting?
6.  Name 4 of the 5 members of New Kids on the Block.


~ by Kat on November 28, 2006.

4 Responses to “Boston Legal”

  1. I think number 1 is Football, off the top of my head. The others I’d have to think more about.

  2. I think #5 is the Cohen brothers. But I’m guessing. Wow, those questions are tough!

  3. Good god, I can’t answer any of those questions. Please tell me that you’ll be posting answers at some point.

  4. Um, wow, maybe I just need more coffee, but I don’t think that’s it – those questions are tough!

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