Damn Deb

There has been limited progress on the Swish scarf.  I’m still on the third skein of yarn.  I blame Chappysmom.  I had to log on and check blogs tonight, and she had to mention Weffriddles, and I had to click the link.  Now you know what I’ve been doing tonight.  I never did like her. 😉

I’m looking forward to a weekend of knitting progress (I will not play Weffriddles this weekend.  I won’t.  Really.)  Thanks to Netflix, I’m stocked up on Inspector Morse episodes.  The errand load isn’t so bad, just two loads of laundry to do and some dry cleaning to pick up, and who needs to vacuum when there is gwfgwf knitting to be done?


~ by Kat on December 7, 2006.

5 Responses to “Damn Deb”

  1. Yeah, MamaCate posted a link to Weffriddles the other day and I was sucked in for a couple hours. I got to #10, and then seriously avoided the site. Perhaps for just a moment today …

  2. I saw that link on Deb’s but so far so good. The self-restraint is in control and I. WILL. NOT. CLICK. THE. LINK.

  3. I stopped at 18 on level one, because I was spending WAY too much time on it. Evil. But fun.

  4. Not clicking! Not clicking!

  5. i’m on level 18 i think. i stopped because i have to go back and write down what i’ve done since level 10 or so.

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