XXmas Update

Thanks for all the So much for the weekly contest updates.  I’ve been waylaid by work, gwfgwf events, knitting, and a nasty cold.  Luckily I don’t get colds that often, but, they do tend to hang around for a long time.  They also affect me in a funny way.  In addition to the watery eyes, sore throat (even my ear canals are hurting with this one), sneezing, sniffling, coughing, and general malaise, I get stupid.  Really.  My roommate used to look forward to my annual cold because it provided him with so much entertainment. 

True story, one weekend afternoon I wanted to curl up on the couch with a cuppa tea and a movie.  I had my jammies on, the comfy blanket was on the couch, the tea was made, but I couldn’t find the remote control for the tv.  I’m frantically looking all over the living room for it.  Pillows are being tossed, the blanket is shook out, tables are moved, much cursing ensues. I’m getting crabby and irritable, my aching joints are not happy about all this movement, and the tea is getting cold.  The roommate walks by, and in a very helpful way, points out that the remote is in my left hand.  How’s that for stupid?

But I digress.  I’ve finally gathered up the energy to compile all the Xtravagant Xmas info into one post.  Keep the info coming! 

  • According to Patience, "Somerville has a folk tradition of Xmas light decoration. If you can’t make the official tour (tickets sell out quick) some years they have maps for sale for a couple bucks.  Or just start going through neighborhoods. Yes, it’s kitsch, but you can give points for how well they mix the sacred with the secular." The Somerville Arts Council even runs trolley tours.  Cool!  And, they sell cards too!  How awesome are these?
  • V recommends checking out the east side of Dedham, "check out the east side of Dedham….the Italian section. CRAZY. The neighborhood in general is a little competitive, but there is one house…one ENTIRE yard I should say that tops them all.  They supposedly even hire a Santa at certain times an give out cocoa.
  • The Mafia has a great house up in her neck of the woods.  Check it out!
  • Oh, I wish Karen and I lived in the same neighborhood.  This house awesome, and Karen’s description is so apt, "when Christmas throws up."
  • Clearly, some folks in Minnesota have no shortage of Christmas spirit.  According to Carrie, this house just doesn’t do it up for Christmas, no, they also decorate for Easter, 4th of July, Halloween and Thanksgiving too!  Wow.

For those in Massachusetts and environs, boston.com has a listing of some of the major light displays open to the public.  I may try and hit the one in Springfield on my way back from NJ next week.  It’s just a bit out of my way. 😉

I am very jealous of anyone who lives in Baltimore.  Why can’t there be a Christmas Street in Boston?  (Knitopolis had the link.)

And don’t forget Mongolia! Check out Cuzzin Tom’s report here.

Thank you for all the get well wishes.  Getting home early, having some chicken soup and getting to sleep early has made all the difference.  I feel so much better this morning.  I’m convinced that good sleep is the wonder drug.  The car is packed and I’m heading south for the long weekend.  Happy gwfgwf!


~ by Kat on December 23, 2006.

2 Responses to “XXmas Update”

  1. My eyes! My eyes!! Hope you have a happy holiday and that you’re feeling much healthier.

  2. How spectacularly lame am I that I’ve lived in Somerville (or juuust over the border) for over seven years and never done the Illuminations tour?

    For anyone in town, if you drive up Central St. from Highland to Broadway, after you pass the street to Magoun (intersection with the laundromat) there’s one helluva house on the right.

    I also noticed yesterday that driving out of Davis on Highland, near the Consignment Galleries and Q Division but on the right side of the street, some person/family has somehow tethered a giant fake snowglobe to the little roof of the front porch… and the globe displays the rotating cast of Winnie the Pooh!

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