Phase I

Phase I of the insane travel schedule is complete.  Phases II through IV are coming up before the end of the month.  Still not sure of the timing, so if I disappear for several days, it will mean I am off again.   One good thing to come out of the first trip is that I now have two more FOs!  Yay!

First up – this cartridge rib scarf made out of two skeins of Patons Nuance.  Nuance is an acrylic, mohair, metallic blend.  Very soft and fuzzy.  The colors remind me of camoflauge, and the metallic thread running through dresses it up a bit.  The yarn came from the Yankee Swap that I participated in with the work knitting group.  Sorry that the ends aren’t trimmed, but TSA won’t let me travel with scissors, so I wasnt able to snip them until I got home tonight.

The second FO was a toddler’s hat finished this afternoon at the airport whileFohat waiting for my flight home.  Dorchester Yarn, size 8 needles and a really mindless (but thoroughly therapeutic and enjoyable) pattern.  I love it.  The Dorchester seems scratchy on the skein, but it knits up like a dream.  I’m curious to see how it fulls.  Here’s a pre-shot of the hat, fresh off the needles,
enjoying a cold beverage,  and looking forward to a hot fulling bath upon it’s return to Boston and the US of A.

Any guesses as to where I went?



~ by Kat on January 7, 2007.

4 Responses to “Phase I”

  1. New Orleans? Houston? Someplace with their stadium right in the middle of the city, and the airport nearby. (come to think of it, though, that could describe my hometown of NYC, too — but then there’d be highways near the stadium).

  2. I’m unable to identify that cityscape… um, Toronto or Montreal or??

  3. I’m guessing Brussels. Though, the bullseye section doesn’t look right.

    London is also arranged in concentric circles, but again, not so green at the centre.

    I’m stumped….

  4. If you hadn’t mentioned a passport, I would’ve guessed Texas, since it looks so flat. And new. But I’m stumped too.

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