Giddy up!

Dsc_0014_1Greetings from Grapevine Canyon Ranch!  Here’s the finished Dulaan scarf relaxing on our front deck overlooking the horse paddocks.  It’s little better than a dial up connection out here, so I’ll save the photos and stories until I get back to civilization next week.

Highlights so far:
1.  Drive thru booze!  Yes, we bought beer we didn’t really need (it certainly hasn’t gone to waste though) at a drive through, just to say we did it.
2.  A tri-lingual mass at the San Xavier mission (English, Spanish and a Native American language).  And I’m not even a church-goer.
3.  Passing my ‘lope check’ (I can canter and go on advanced rides).  Not bad for someone who hasn’t been on a horse in 20 years. 

Yes, the knitting continues.  You’ll be happy to know that a day off is all my arm needed.


~ by Kat on March 6, 2007.

6 Responses to “Giddy up!”

  1. Yee-ha!!

  2. When I lived in Mississippi, they had drive through beer tunnels. Basically it was a beer store with a driveway going through the middle of it.

  3. Great photo.
    I love the drive through, although out here in Australia they are called Bottle-o’s. I’m not sure why except that Aussie slang tends to shorten and add an o to the end of names. So my name is Geno. My brother is Robbo, you get the idea.

  4. Yeah they have those drive thru liquor stores here in Louisiana, especially up north in the more rural areas. And then of course all over there are the drive thru daiquiri places. We do have our priorities ;o)

  5. That ranch looks like a little slice of heaven. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your trip!

  6. what? you don’t have drive-through booze back there? San Xavier is pretty cool, isn’t it? I live in Tucson and I’ve never been to mass there! Never occurred to me to go…

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